5 Insanely Cool Products That Are Selling Like Crazy

2017 was huge for innovative and viral products. Everyday people-turned-inventors came up with clever products that were not just innovative but also very useful in real life. Even if you’re not looking to make your life a lot easier you’ll want these 15 clever household items.

You would never guess but many of these products have sold millions worldwide. If you’re like me, you’re going to want to buy everything on this list. And, with Christmas just around the corner, any of these 15 products would make some great gifts for friends and family. So enjoy!

1. Often Drive After Hours? Watch These Amazing Glasses Turn Night Into Day!

Calling all commuters! Increase your safety when you are driving at night with a pair of light-weight anti-glare glasses. If you often drive at night you’ll know how it feels to be blinded by the lights of other cars. Now, DaySight is offering a solution to get you home safely.

The anti-reflective glasses will cut out glare and fit perfectly over prescription frames you already wear. The tinted lenses block out blinding lights and enhance clarity and contrast so neon lights, street signs, and car lights won’t bother you anymore.

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2. Watch Your Favorite Movies For Free & Play Games With This Innovative Device

Admit it – you thought about cutting cable. But it’s a tough call… You don’t want to miss your favorite show, or end up playing games or watching that big game on a tiny phone screen.

So, you’re paying money for hundreds of channels you don’t even watch! And it doesn’t seem like your cable company will lower their prices.

Luckily, there is a way out! A tiny gadget called Mobile Screen Cast. It allows you to cast everything that you have on your smartphone, directly to your TV.

Set it up in seconds and send your photos, games, videos, music, and even slides at work to the big screen! Ever thought that something so small will save you hundreds on cable bills?

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3. Get Hollywood-White Teeth in Just 15 Minutes

Forget strips, toothpastes and other gels, after one session with the LED plasma light, you’ll be smiling with confidence. This dental-grade whitening solution is the same kind that can be found at your local dentist, and will give you pro-results in minutes.

HD White Light is made with quality and innovation and will remove years of surface stains from your teeth in just 15 short minutes. The formula is pH-optimized to fight sensitivity, and will leave you with a brighter smile than an A-List celebrity.

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4. Experience Virtual Reality From Your Phone

Remember the first time you heard about the wonders of “Virtual Reality” or “VR”? It sounded like something we’ll be able to afford in 2050. The good news is – it advanced so fast, now you can have it on your smartphone!

Introducing RaptorVR – your brand-new VR headset for the best, full-3D experience. How it works? It’s simpler than you thought. Choose your favorite VR app, place your phone in your raptor VR headset and enjoy an awesome experience.

The best part is, you’ll find hundreds of free VR apps online, and the VR headset costs just $66!

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5. The Famous Black Mask – Professional Spa Treatment in a Bottle

This black mask you’ve seen all over the internet actually works miracles on your skin. In fact, it’s better (and way cheaper) than a spa treatment.

Enjoy a natural deep cleanse, get rid of those annoying blackheads and instantly remove damaged skin – all in just a few minutes.

Think it’s time to treat yourself? You won’t have to spend hundreds this time to look and feel younger!

This deep-cleansing and fast acting black mask costs $19.99 but you can use their “Buy 3 Get 2 Free” promotion and it brings down the cost to $10.99 for each item. That’s 5 months of supply!

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