Exit Intent: Subscribe or Monetize?

Let’s talk exit intent popups – you know, those little popup boxes that appear when you’re about to leave a website? We see them EVERYWHERE these days (on over a third of all websites), and for good reason. If one of your visitors is about to leave your site, it’s easy to re-engage them or capture a lead by displaying a popup with an eye-catching message. With exit intent technology, you’re ensuring that every single visitor is presented with an additional conversion option; and without it, your visitor will leave without signing up for your email list or buying your product. According to data, 10 to 15 percent of lost visitors can be saved by using exit intent pop ups – and with an average like that, we can all agree that exit intents are a must-have.

You may wonder what message you should send once you have an exit intent. Do you reinforce your original sales message and call to action? Or do you change to a different message or offer? Or do you just try to capture your visitor’s contact information? There are plenty of products out there that are strictly dedicated to building up subscriber lists through popups; which companies will then use to create extra touchpoints to sell whatever they’re selling. And this technique has worked great in the past, so is that the key?

We don’t think so. Obtaining an email address today is not as valuable as it used to be, as email has fallen out of fashion, partly due to the rise of social media like Facebook messenger and chats – and mostly because we as brands have over-exhausted email marketing. The average amount of email spam received on a daily basis continues to increase, which can be as much as 13% according to recent studies, and that means the likelihood of your newsletters and promotions getting ignored is reasonably high. Simply put, your best potential customers just REALLY don’t want email from you.

Think about this: when you get emails from brands, how often do you actually open them? The answer is most likely not at all, or if you do, you open very few. Email is no longer the preferred method of communication because us as advertisers have ruined it, and consumers have become much more savvy about these types of pop ups. So instead of spending your time chasing down email addresses (sending out emails with suggestions of other products or articles they might be interested in, and HOPING they’ll open one of these emails and actually read it) use this exit intent pop up technique we’ve developed for our users that has shown a much higher CTR and a better conversion rate.

So what’s this secret? Onsite retargeting combined with native advertising. We want to keep visitors on our site as long as possible to give them more time and opportunities to convert, so we ensure our visitors actually see our message by suggesting additional products or articles right on the page as they’re leaving. This gives you a chance to communicate a different angle to your visitors before they leave your site, and helps you reach a wider demographic of people because even if they weren’t interested in your original content, they might be interested in the articles and offers you include in your exit intent.

These native exit intent pop ups work so well is because people have been conditioned by sites that feature native advertising (like MSN and USA Today), and so they almost expect to see the words “Recommended For You” flash across their screen. If your visitors see something they like in the pop up, they won’t think twice about clicking on it. Most of the time, it doesn’t even register that they could be clicking on an advertisement, and that’s why our users who implement this technique are experiencing such incredibly high click through rates.

Now we’ll tell you right now that there are plenty of free exit intent scripts all over the internet that you can use. But we’ve found that it’s very hard to split test and track which ads are converting best without a tool specifically designed to track this data, and that’s why setting this method up in something like an ad server is so beneficial. In AVID, you can feature up to ten ads within your exit intent pop up, and split test different styles, then weight the highest performing ads to show more often than styles that might not be doing as well. You can also turn low-performance ads completely off, and rotate as many ads as you’d like through your pop up as well. The amount of targeting features you can set up to show specific ads to specific audiences is also extensive – so you can ensure that your audience members are always seeing ads they’ll want to see.

In the end, we know exit intent is being used all over the internet right now, we just think people are using it wrong. If you’re serious about boosting your conversions, our onsite retargeting technique is your solution. Setting up your onsite retargeting campaign in AVID only takes a few minutes, and quickly becomes a powerful tool for you to convert abandoning visitors into leads and sales right on the spot.

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