How an AVID Client Generated an Extra $7,812 in 30 Days...

Without Increasing His Advertising Budget

See how AVID Ad Server helped this affiliate make an extra $7,812 in ONE month using traffic that was leaving him – and how you can re-create his success.

Finding the right tools to manage and track your marketing spend is as important as finding the right offers and media channels.

Do you:

  • currently use paid advertising (AdWords, Facebook, etc.) or SEO to drive people to your website?
  • have monthly sales that you want to increase?
  • want to keep the people coming to your web pages from leaving right away?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, continue reading to see how a small change to your webpage can have a big impact on the success of a campaign – this one tweak produced 204 EXTRA conversions in just ONE month!!!

This technique is only intended for advertisers who already have a sales funnel set up and are currently selling a product or service. If you answered "No" to all of the above questions, or are unsure about what an ad server is, check out our other article, Ad Serving 101.

The Run-Down

An AVID client combined two features we offer, native ad styles and the exit intent pop-up, to make campaigns work in his favor while combatting rising advertising costs. Our client allowed us to share actual stats from his campaign – just for you! By adding a simple native ad tag from AVID, he took a failing campaign and made it profitable, which earned him an extra:

      • 35,346 clicks,
      • 204 conversions, and
      • $7,812 in revenue!

And all of this was accomplished without any additional spend. How? It’s about shifting your focus.

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Consider This

We spend hours of time testing different ads, landing pages, and offers to see what’s going to convert the best. We invest all of our money into driving clicks to these landing pages, and most of the time, we forget to think about VISITOR RETENTION. Keeping visitors on your site and being able to serve them additional content is the advertising bread and butter, so to speak. This savvy affiliate understood the importance of keeping traffic around, so he employed two features AVID has to capitalize on all the traffic that was about to leave his site without buying.

Campaign Details

Traffic Sources: Taboola,, Rev Content
Campaign Type: Anti-Aging Skincare Advertorial
AVID Tools Used: Native Ad Widget & Exit Intent Pop-Up
Duration: 30 days

Look at these campaign statistics over the course of one month - it's clear that while his direct response advertorial was barely getting by, his exit splash was on fire.

Judging by the numbers for the month, he had a miserable display campaign with CTR below half a percent, spend at almost the same as revenue, and even an estimated CPA near $40 – which is on the high end. Yet when we look at the exit splash statistics, three things jump out right away: CTR is almost 16%, spend is zero, and best of all, he’s got an extra 204 conversions.

So, how did he do it? Our intuitive affiliate placed an exit intent pop-up tag from AVID on his landing page. The pop-up displays a 6-ad panel native ad style that recommends other articles for the visitor, which then takes them to another landing page or related offer. The stats from the advertorial show 153,223 clicks and only 1,260 conversions - which means 151,963 visitors left the site. Because the exit intent pop-up tag is activated when the mouse leaves the main browser window, all 151,963 visitors that didn’t convert got immediately redirected.

By running an exit splash like this on your site, you can capitalize on traffic that was on their way out - and serve them additional offers that might convert.

Now, the most intriguing fact about this strategy is that it didn’t increase costs. The cost to drive traffic to the page didn’t change, because the visitors seeing the exit intent pop-up were the same visitors who were leaving the site. That means our client spent $0 to drive traffic to a campaign that made them over $7,800 their first month!

So Why Does It Work?

Thanks to the popularity of content ad networks like Outbrain and Taboola, website visitors have been conditioned to consume the content of a page and then click to a related topic from a panel of “recommended” articles. That conditioned response reflects a higher CTR in native ads (as seen with the exit splash), even though the articles and ads are the same offers that get half a percent CTR in standard display campaigns.

Additionally, in AVID our affiliates control the ads that rotate and appear in the panel. The angles they’re running are proven to work, but may be too aggressive to run on a DSP or other ad exchange. This shows in the increased conversions- sales that would have been lost had the visitor not seen the exit intent pop-up.

The best part about this set up is it doesn’t require any advanced knowledge of JavaScript coding. AVID provides the code and it’s a simple copy and paste for you. If you need to test different ads or angles, there’s no need to change any code on your landing page, you can just upload new creatives to AVID. Plus, the same ad placement tag can be used on multiple landing pages, so you can skip changing out the creatives on every single page you have. Saving you time AND money? It’s no wonder why affiliates use AVID.

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