AVID Serves Your Ads and Tracks Impressions In Real-Time

In the world of online advertising, ad space is bought and sold in milliseconds. Many affiliates and ad agencies use programmatic buys and real-time bidding platforms to optimize the price they pay for each impression, click, or conversion. The data they rely on to make the decisions on which traffic sources to bid on and which ads are performing the best needs to be just as fast.

The Art of Ad Serving

In its simplest form ad serving is the process by which a web page makes a call to a server which sends an ad back to the web page. At least that’s the way I explain it to my parents, but we all know that ad serving today is so much more than that. Its rotating banners, geo-targeting, split testing, audience targeting, data collection, granular reporting, and performance driven optimization among other things. An ad server is like a car. Any ad server can take a call from a website and deliver an ad, just like, if you don’t care about how you get there, any car with a working engine and four tires will get you from point A to point B. If this is you, you can stop reading now and go back to whatever ad server you’ve got…and stay out of the fast lane. However, if you’re driving a BMW for the sheer driving pleasure and features like speed, ease of use, and the promise that your ad server will continue to evolve with the market, then you want AVID Ad Server.

Performance Driven Optimization

In order to optimize campaigns based on performance you need data…lots of data. You also need a way to visualize and interpret that data. AVID does what all “good” ad servers do. You see your impressions, clicks, spend, revenue, conversions, eCPM, eCPA, EPC, and CPC on each publisher, placement, ad group and ad; all in real time. Well what if you want to pass in the referrer and analyze that? Sure, AVID lets you pass that variable through as a sub ID for reporting. What if you want to pass through the traffic source, or the browser the conversion came from, or the device they were using? Yeah, all that AVID records and makes available for reporting. Want more data? Pass through up to 5 sub ID variables for reporting and breakdown analysis. Again, all in real time. You’ll have insights you never knew you were missing out on, and you may find new data points that only matter to you and no one else. When you see the information that comes out of having multiple data points you’ll wonder how you ever got by with just one sub ID. Are you seeing how AVID will get you from point A to point B faster?

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