Avid Ad Server vs. Revive Adserver | Ad Server Guidebook

A fitting ad server makes up the core of impactful cross-channel advertising.

But, how to choose the proper ad server for your business? What capabilities should the ad server provide you with, so that you can reach your goals?

Below is a comparison of Avid Ad Server vs. Revive Adserver

Understanding the Market

As the market shifts more towards programmatic and real-time bidding (RTB), the need to serve dynamic ads across multiple screens is growing. As the demand increases, more technology options are now available to both advertisers and digital publishers.

Ad-tech companies who are on the buy and sell side of things, are seeking to broaden their ad serving capabilities to encompass both sides of the digital media market. This new development has prompted both demand-side platforms (DSPs) and supply-side platforms (SSPs) to continue expanding in their delivery of real-time biddable impressions.

These changes in the industry lead us to question the following: Do publishers and advertisers still benefit from using separate servers?

Let’s discuss the differences between Avid Ad Server (Hosted Ad Server) and Revive Adserver (Self-Hosted Ad Server).

Pros and Cons: Hosted Ad Server vs. Self-Hosted Ad Server

Avid Ad ServerHosted Ad Server. An ad server which is maintained and ran by an ad server company.

Revive AdserverOpen Source Ad Server. An ad server platform that is installed and maintained by the user.


  • Requires zero installation.
  • Simply layouts and easy to use – without an advanced technical background.
  • Offers an extensive, high level of user support.
  • Guaranteed speed and reliability due to the fact that it’s closely monitored by the provider.
  • Updated automatically – less worry.


  • Data is stored by a third party company.


  • According to your technical background and abilities, self-hosted script can be fully customized.
  • The script itself is offered at a low, one-time fee or in some cases, no cost at all.


  • Requires an extensive technical background, experience, and knowledge to install and update.
  • You are required to handle all your own server maintenance.
  • Updates are never automatic. You must seek out and apply all updates as they come.

Revive Adserver (Self-Hosted)



It’s either cheap, or free. Generally speaking, you pay nothing to install the ad server software.In order to properly run the software, you will need to pay for quite a large server, which can costs you upwards of $200/month.
You can take the data anywhere with you. You “own” your data. However, that puts you in a position responsible for storing your data, and that is a privacy compliant problem.Managing and monitoring your server is all your responsibility. Including observing bandwidth usage, fixing bugs like Meltdown and Spectre and mitigating DDoD attacks.
Flexibility with Customizations. If you’re a professional developer, you can customize the ad server yourself using the source code.Processing ALL Updates. Welcome to manually installing a software update. Hope things still work afterwards…
Plugins are NOT included, and are expensive. Say goodbye to in-banner video ads. On the other hand, you can purchase a plugin, but then you’ll have to pay $899 for it.
Poor usability. You may lose a significant amount of time and money trying to figure out how to use it. The developers of open source software spend little time on intuitive design and easy layouts.

Avid Ad Server (Hosted)



Unbelievably stable. All new software updates are beta-tested on seperate channels. It costs money.     
One-of-a-kind features. A variety of ad types and customizable templates, embed methods, link tracking, landing page hosting, white labeling, ad weighting, and much more.
Modern, user-friendly interface. Avid has combined usability with modern design. An interface experience unlike any other ad server.
Auto-Optimization. Save time adjusting campaigns. Create your own rules, and the system will automatically update your campaigns based on applied settings.
Technical Support. Avid has a technical support team to help you with anything you need. Oh, and receive up-to-the-minute reports detailing the changes that have been made on your behalf.