Large Rectangle
The Large Rectangle (336x280) is the second most common ad size in use behind the other rectangular ad, the Medium Rectanlge. Almost every major website has one or two of them embedded on any page. It's 336 width by 280 height make it ideal for nearly any type of ad you want to display. From standard single ads to more complex embedded video ads this style can do it all.
Screen Position
This ad style can be placed nearly anywhere on a webpage. You will most commonly see it in the sidebars or embedded within content on mobile.
Increase Revenue
The rectangle shape is so popular for a reason, It generates clicks, and lots of them. If you are starting out a new marketing campaign or just need to change things up, this ad style is always a good go to ad.
Single Ad
The Standard Single ad style is your most common placement style. Useful for nearly any single ad type. You can design your own background ad image for the ad, and test out different backgrounds if you you need to test for conversion.
Double Ad
Compared to the single ad placement, this ad will contain two unique ad's within the same placement. This ad is extremely effective on blog and news type sites. This ad is also a great tool for those who also want to split test two different ads at the same time.

This add has hover effects that are similar to the single ad style. Obviusly due to the fact that there is two ad's within the same space you are restricted to less customization due to the trade off of having two ads within the same space.
3 Ad Panel
With the 3 ad panel you can split test several all at once. A really effective tool if you still are unsure which ad to target your audience with. Like the 2 ad this style is great for news and blog like websites. Also has the same hover effects as other multi-ad styles.
Because of the size and shape of this ad, it is perfect for video placements embedded in the ad. There are fewer ways more effective to target than using a video ad. Instead of paying to place just a static ad why not use something that engages the user!
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