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Of course, AVID is still the easiest ad server platform to use for managing your traditional display advertising.

The AVID link tracker placement allows you to control and split test landing pages for your ads from social media marketing and ad content networks.

Become your own ad network with AVID's easy to use native ad widget builder. Quickly test different ad texts and images all within the same platform.

Affiliates who use an exit intent pop up on their landing pages see a 30%-35% increase in CTR versus similar ads on a display campaign. 

✔ Display Advertising Solution

While some affiliates move away from traditional display advertising, there is still a lot of traffic available for the savvy affiliate. AVID's intuitive interface and reporting capabilities make us the preferred ad server to super affiliates.

  • AVID can easily scale from a few thousand impressions to billions of impressions per month.
  • Option to use your own domains for all redirects. SSL possible to allow https
  • Track, analyze, and optimize on data that remains protected and secure
  • Using fault tolerant clustered hosting we deliver enterprise level 99.99% availability
  • Targeting options that allow you to prevent click fraud

✔ AVID Link Tracker

The AVID Link Tracker was developed a year ago for affiliates taking advantage of new traffic sources like AdWords,  Facebook, and ad content networks. While these sources don't allow you to use third party ad servers, or rotate creative images, it doesn't mean that you can't still track clicks and conversions.

  • Split test landing pages and track clicks and conversions from your social media ads
  • Set up targeted landing pages based on the many conditions available in AVID
  • Third party conversion and click tracking from a central reporting location
  • Separate impression pixel for independant impression tracking

✔ Become Your Own Ad Network

Every website today has discovered the value of having a content ad network widget on their site. Smart affiliates are also seeing the benefits of becoming their own ad network on their landing pages. Recommended articles in a content ad widget see better click through rates than normal ads. Up to one third of your traffic will click to other recommended landing pages just by having a native ad container on the page.

AVID comes with pre-loaded content ad styles for multiple ads in commonly used placement sizes. Use these to run more efficient campaigns, or edit them to suit your specific needs. AVID also offers custom ad style programming.

✔ Exit Intent Pop-up Method

After spending all that time and money to drive people to their landing page, the biggest mistake that new affiliates make is not taking advantage of the exit traffic leaving their page. AVID makes it easy to place an exit intent pop-up on any landing page and manage the ads and content being recommended without changing anything on the page.

Affiliates who use ads in an exit intent pop-up see 30-35% higher click through rates on their out going traffic. That's one third of the clicks to your landing page, that you've already paid for, staying on your site and more likely to convert on your offer(s).

Increase your lead generation efforts by displaying a targeted campaign to sign up for an email list or free product trial. Or, combine AVID's exit intent pop-up method with a native ad style placement to create a customized offer wall to visitors before they leave.  Click on the image to the right to see a sample page with an AVID Exit Intent.


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