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AVID Ad Server was created in early 2015 by a group of veteran Internet executives who found that existing ad serving and marketing exchange technology couldn't meet their needs. It's based on the simple premise that marketing dollars should yield maximum reward with minimal effort. Time-saving features for our customers is at the core of what we have developed (and will continue to develop). AVID is being used by advertisers who serve billions of ads and ad impressions across all display and mobile ad networks and exchanges. We have developed a powerful, easy-to-use platform that puts real time ad management into the hands of publishers, marketing agencies and performance marketers. AVID is the world’s best online display ad server.



Use CSS, HTML, and Javascript to design your own ad units. Place multiple ads in a single container. Match ad styles to the page or traffic source your ad are served on. The result: The greatest return on your marketing dollars.


Get your reports how you want them, with up-to-the-second data. Our unique ad exchange drag-and-drop interface puts you in control. See your results in powerful pivot tables or easy-to-use HTML.


Our dedicated Client Services team is available 24 x 7 x 365 days a year. Classroom training is reinforced by a powerful online knowledge base, and live support is always just a call or email away.


No matter what role you play in the Ad Server internet marketing, AVID gives you everything you need in one interface, without the need for add-ons or plug-ins.


We know that once you try AVID ad server, you'll never want another solution. Contact us today to join AVID and see for yourself. Your marketing CAN be more powerful and profitable, let us show you why AVID is the best native ad server in the world.

AVID Ad Server. Simple And Powerful.


AVID ad server is easy to use. Create, copy, and manage ads with the click of your mouse, AVID Ad Server does all the heavy lifting. The best native ad server ever.


AVID accommodates your workflow and your requrements instead of forcing you to change your requirements to suit the tool. It's scalable, no matter your size, we're the perfect fit.


AVID is rich with features other ad servers only dream of, and every month we add more features and improve on existing features. Your AVID subscription includes every new feature without any additional plug-ins or add-ons.

Why Our Customers Love Us:

We know how fast this industry changes, and how quickly the needs of our customers change. We ALWAYS engage in an open discussion of various channels with our clients, and listen to their input to help our product development team build what is best for our users. Our track record of building and support for the features that our clients ask for is second to none. We plan to develop, not just one, but multiple solutions to problems our clients might have. It’s not always easy for our customers to track multiple sales through a single click so we've added feature that allows our advertisers to easily track multiple sales with a simple checkbox. We also believe that our clients care about quality when it comes to ad serving. If something in AVID affects performance of any campaign on any network it is a major concern to us and we act quickly to ensure that AVID is certified and compliant with all major networks and ad exchanges. This client based approach is how we value each and every customer, and sets AVID apart from all other ad server providers.

Fast and Powerful:

We've seen a lot of frustration from the lack of tools and resources available to optimize campaigns for ROI, therefore we have worked hard to create a platform that maximizes performance. We've built a real time reporting platform we feel you'll love, creating a simple way to control your campaigns. Now there are no delays in your campaigns and performance in executing decision making. Inventory and reporting data now offers unmatched transparency and granularity, This allows our clients to make informed decisions FAST. We help marketing profesionals build ad campaigns and target criteria that yield incredible results. This fast and powerful concept continues through our day to day dealings with our clients, and our support in the services that we offer.

Accessible Independent Media Buying:

High performance media buying has always been available, just not to independent media buyers such as ourselves. Here are just a few of the features that have made us so loved by our clients. Create Native Ad Units, Landing Page and Link Management, Advanced Publisher Embed Methods, Real Time Statistics, Granular Reporting, Maximum Reach, Easy to use Ad Server platforms, and much more.

The AVID Ad Server platform is powerful, but so easy to use that small teams or even individuals can create powerful ad campaigns in minutes. By simplifying the dashboard we simplified the process of financial commitments, contractual relationships and execution of workflow. Now marketers can sign-up and sign-in to use AVID’s powerful self serve platform and create ad campaigns that will reach billions in minutes.


Never again will you have to worry about losing money due to an Ad Server being down.
Thanks to our advanced utilization of CDN and Cloud Hosting, your market campaigns will always be up and running.

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