Ad Serving Made Easy

✔ World-Class Cloud Solution

High volume advertiser or media buyer? We have our highly cost-effective and scalable Ad Server, where we host you on our super-optimized api servers.

  • AVID easily scales from a few thousand impressions on a small website to billions of impressions per month.
  • Option to use your own domains for all redirects. SSL possible to allow https
  • Track, analyze, and optimize on data that remains protected and secure
  • Using fault tolerant clustered hosting we deliver enterprise level 99.99% availability.

✔ Multi-Variable Drill-Down Reports

It’s all about finding the exact combinations (geography, creative, device, etc.) that are the most profitable. AVID allows you to find these by generating Drill-Down Reports that group multiple variables into a single, expandable report.

For example, you can generate a report that first groups by creative ID, then by devices, then by countries, for any number of campaigns or even your entire portfolio of millions of clicks. 

The drill down report feature is immensely powerful as it allows you to see which exact combinations are yielding you the highest returns

Our advanced database structure knows no bounds. It’s time to upgrade to the latest and greatest.

✔ Multiple Ads in a Single Impression

With AVID's text-ad style functionality you can use CSS and HTML code to create multiple ads in a single placement. In one impression you can serve up to 8 individual ads, increasing conversions and maximizing ad spend.

AVID comes with pre-loaded ad styles for multiple ads in commonly used ad placement sizes. Use these to run more efficient campaigns, or edit them to suit your specific needs. AVID also offers custom ad style programming.

You can also use these features to create advertising native to specific publishers, networks, or traffic sources.

✔ Advanced Features, Intuitive Interface

AVID has all the advanced features an experienced media buyer needs, yet the simplicity and ease-of-use that’s demonstrated in beautiful design. AVID is an intuitive online ad server solution that’s built and priced so everyone in the company can have an account.

Check out some of our other features:

  • Postback pixel embed method
  • Tracking for upsell revenue
  • Track and drill down multiple SubIDs
  • HTML A tags for email campaigns 
  • Rotate creatives on all HTML A tags
  • Bulk export campaign tags
  • IP/Domain Name black list
  • Clone/Duplicate at all levels from Publishers down to Ads
  • Link Tracker to rotate & track landing pages (Manage ALL your media buying from ONE platform)

Top 5 Reasons You Need AVID


1. You're tired of using an outdated ad server

Does your ad server look like something that was designed in the 90's? Step into the 21st century with AVID's newest features that support email ads, multiple ads per container, and multi-variable drill down reporting.

2. Your reports lack actionable data

Do you find yourself using one tool to serve your ad campaigns and another tool to analyze your data? Stop wasting time and money using more solutions than you need. AVID gives you the data you need all in one place.

3. You're losing impressions due to slow ad serving

Is your click through rate suffering because of the lag time in serving your ads? With multiple servers across the globe, AVID has the power to serve your ads fast and reliably no matter where your campaigns are running.

4. You're missing out on mobile sales

Are cookie based tracking pixels causing you to lose out on mobile sales? AVID has postback options on pixels that allow you to track your traffic and sales through the entire sales process, even on mobile devices.

5. Your ad server is too complicated

Do you spend more time figuring out how to use the features you've paid for when you could be using that time to set up and optimize winning ad campaigns? AVID's intuitive interface means that everything is easy to set up, manage, and analyze.


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